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About G-Storm

G-Storm is a privately owned biotechnology company that develops, manufactures and markets unique and innovative Thermal Cycler systems, for the life science research marketplace.

Core technologies include the development and production of advanced control and networking solutions for both real time and conventional, peltier-driven thermal cyclers. G-Storms position in the global biotechnology marketplace enables continuous and rapid in-house innovation and product development.

From project inception, research and development, design and manufacturing, G-Storm strives towards the highest quality control standards, product reliability and future product development. G-Storm has significant personnel experience in providing the scientific market place with the very latest in biotech systems. G-Stormí products will enable biotechnologists to perform cutting edge research and push the boundaries of scientific advancement.

Mission Statement

G-Stormsí mission is to become the global leader in providing innovative and advanced thermal cycler systems for todays life science laboratories.

Relevance in Today's World

Over the last two decades there have been striking advances in molecular biology, which now have, and will continue to have, great impact on our understanding of the very origins of life, fundamental species development and disease diagnosis, treatment and ultimately cure.

The power of the scientific knowledge discovered through the study of genomics and proteomics is driving an enormous wave of scientific investigation. The translation of new findings from the research laboratory to the wider world has incomprehensible benefits for all.

G-Stormís aim is to design, develop, manufacture and market systems, that will further enable advancement of molecular and cellular biotechnology research.

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Somerton Biotechnology Centre
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United Kingdom

tel: +44 (0) 7919 121510

Company registration no: 7591670

Contact us for more information at info@gstormdirect.com