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With over 25 years design and manufacturing expertise of microprocessor controlled laboratory instruments.


G-Storm is a privately owned biotechnology company that develops, manufactures and markets unique and innovative Thermal Cycler systems, for the life science research marketplace. Our Extensive Thermal Cycler range of Personal Thermal Cyclers, Gradient Thermal Cyclers and Multiblock Thermal Cyclers ensure we can offer an optimised solution for any Life Science Research need.

Our dedicated team of professional biologists and engineers  continually strive for technical leadership by focusing on uncompromising thermal performance. We understand the importance of accurate temperature control, both at and between target temperatures, the elimination of overshoot and excellent sample to sample uniformity for all PCR protocols. To achieve this our sophisticated PID control software is coupled with state of the art tetrad multisensor control and fifth generation peltier thermal engines to ensure uncompromised performance for every sample of every experiment every run.

With ten different Thermal Block options, and PC or stand alone control  available for a range of Personal and Multiblock Thermal Cyclers utilising the latest colour touchscreen interfaces: we are confident we have the perfect solution for your own individual need.

GStorm Blocks

Professional solutions for all life science laboratories

Premium Thermal Cyclers

At G-Storm we have acquired over 25 experience designing and creating Thermal Cyclers. During this time we have strived and succeeded in delivering only the best performing, and the hardest wearing instrumentation which are capable of holding their own in any research facility. We have always placed a great deal of value on creating products that are easy to operate and always perform true. We only make Thermal Cyclers and that focus of each employee in our company ensures premium performance, excellent product knowledge and high quality customer service. Whether you are looking for a Personal Thermal Cycler, a Gradient Thermal Cycler workhorse or a large capacity Multiblock Thermal Cycler instrument we have a solution for you. If you have a unique requirement and need a custom device then we are also here to help.

Contact us at   |  skype at GStorm Thermal Cyclers or  by landline on +44 1458 272968.  Call or email us today. We’d love to help.

Relevance in Today’s World

Over the last three decades there have been striking advances in Life science research, which now have, and will continue to have, great impact on our understanding of the very origins of life, fundamental species development and disease diagnosis, treatment and ultimately cure. The power of the scientific knowledge discovered through the study of genomics and proteomics is driving an enormous wave of scientific investigation. The translation of new findings from the research laboratory to the wider world has incomprehensible benefits for all. G-Storm’s aim is to design, develop, manufacture and market systems, that will further enable advancement of molecular and cellular biotechnology research.

Mission Statement

G-Storms’ mission is simply to be the global leader in providing innovative, advanced Thermal Cycler Systems for todays life science laboratories.

Our Specialties

Thermal Cyclers, Personal Thermal Cyclers, Gradient Thermal Cyclers, Multiblock Thermal Cyclers,  Incubators, Mixing Incubators, In Situ Slide Processing Instruments, PCR,  Thermal Cycler Validation Systems