GS4822 48 Well Multi Block Thermal Cycler

GStorm GS4822

The G-Storm GS4822 48 Well Multi Block Thermal Cycler is the ideal solution for scientists who need a Thermal Cycler and are looking to maximise the impact of the research funds allocated to its purchase. Invest in a GS4822 48 Well Multi Block Thermal Cycler and get real flexibility and functionality at superb value for money. The cost per sample well is exceptional and you get two fully independent 48 well blocks providing two independent thermal cyclers in this compact and elegant unit. How many times do you use less than 48 well tubes in your PCR protocols? If the answer is more often than not you should definitely give the GS4822 48 Well Multi Block Thermal Cycler serious consideration: the GS4822 48 Well Multi Block Thermal Cycler provides dual block functionality at an incredible price point.

But the capability of the GS4822 48 Well Multi Block Thermal Cycler  doesn’t stop there: whilst two programs can be run independently its also possible to run one program simultaneously on both blocks –  so even for those occasions when you do have a PCR experiment with more than 48 samples the GS4822 48 Well Multi Block Thermal Cycler has the answer.

Both thermal blocks for the GS4822 48 Well Multi Block Thermal Cycler have 2 independent temperature control sensors and 4 peltier heating units under dyad control, ensuring that temperature control and uniformity across the block surface is accurate and reproducible time after time, cycle after cycle, run after run. With the addition of Active Sample Cooling (ASC) ensuring that samples are cooled until the heated lid reaches its target temperature, therefore reducing non-specific primer binding and extension, the G-Storm GS4822 48 Well Multi Block Thermal Cycler is protecting your samples even before your protocol has begun.

The GS4822 48 Well Multi Block Thermal Cycler also benefits from class leading low power consumption and a remarkably small footprint per sample ratio, helping the environment, your lab budget and lab ergonomics. Furthermore it does this with no compromise achieving outstanding performance superior to its more power hungry and often larger competitors. Built to the highest specifications, the GS4822 48 Well Multi Block Thermal Cycler offers everything you need from a thermal cycler.

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Thermal Blocks
Block materials2 x independent 48 well blocks: Modular nickel plated anodised aluminium blocks
with 4 Peltier Heat modules and 2 thermistor sensors per block
TraceabilityNIST traceable temperature calibration
Blocks available2x48 well gradient block for 48 x 0.2ml tubes or strips (8x6 format)
Thermal Block Characteristics
Temperature range4°C - 99°C
Temperature controlCalculated mode with plate & tube control algorithms
Volume range2-150µl
Block Accuracy+/- 0.4°C (20-99°C)
Block Homogeneity+/- 0.4°C
Ramp RateRamp rate (standard block) Up to 3°CS-1
Ramp rate (fast block) up to 6°CS-1
Gradient temperature range30°C - 80°C (Gradient Feature only available in limited countries)
Max/min gradient span20°C / 5°C
Sensor temperature regulation accuracy+/- 0.1°C
Heated Lid
Lid temperature112°C
User Interface
Screen type3.5 inch TFT colour VGA touch-screen
(Stylus supplied. Suitable for ball-pen or finger use)
Data inputTouch-screen, external keyboard & mouse (USB) (Optional),
barcode scanner (USB)(Optional)
Temperature displayReal-time graphical display of actual block temperatures
Communication1x USB (for memory stick)
Program storageCirca 10,000 (internal memory)
Reports & Validation
ReportsEncrypted GLP report, LabBook report
ValidationAutomatic internal validation prior to each program start
Power & Dimensions
Electronic power supply100V to 240V (frequency 48 to 62Hz)
Dimensions (LxWxH)291mm x 246mm x 311mm
Weight14 kg
Operating conditions10°C - 30°C, 0 - 95% relative humidity
RegulatoryCE compliant
Warranty2 years

Superior User Interface

A large colour touchscreen drives the powerful user interface of the GS4822 48 Well Multi Block Thermal Cycler. Complex PCR protocols can be created, edited and run with ease and the Protocol Generation Wizard will help guide less experienced users or those who simply want to save their valuable time.

“The G-Storm GS4822 is the perfect thermal cycler solution for researchers that need flexibility, performance and outstanding value for money.”