Thermal Cycler Systems

Thermal Cycler Systems

Thermal Cycler Systems


G-Storm Thermal Cyclers provide the  benchmark for thermal cycler excellence. Superb thermal performance characteristics are perfectly balanced with ease of operation ensuring that routine daily use never becomes a chore. We only make Thermal Cyclers; we believe we are the only specialist dedicated Thermal Cycler manufacturer and we are proud of it.

Whatever your Research need its essential that the Thermal Cycler you choose reduces the variables in your experiments – not increase them. We understand the importance of ensuring your samples achieve the temperature programmed as fast as possible, accurately, uniformly, consistently and reliably, wherever the samples are placed in the block. We understand the need to do this time after time, run after run, day after day, month after month, year after year and we also understand that you need to know when things are going wrong and to get the problem resolved swiftly, without hassle.. Every aspect of our business from the design of the products, through manufacturing, product installation and aftersales customer and technical service is focussed on achieving this.

In developing the G-Storm range, we have listened to customers, worked with scientists and developed with engineers, a range of thermal cyclers and consumables that will not only exceed your expectations for excellence and performance, but will give back the pleasure of research work by using a system that looks great and delivers quality data time after time.

Whatever system you choose, whether a G-Storm Personal Thermal Cycler or one of our G-Storm Multiblock Thermal Cycler offerings we are confident you will be delighted. Enjoy!

G-Storm Warranty and Maintenance Contracts

We provide a two year, return to factory, warranty with every G-Storm Premium Thermal Cycler we supply.

We also provide a full range of  extended warranties and preventative maintenance contracts, including onsite.

In addition to providing total peace of mind and a complete understanding of the lifetime running costs of your Thermal Cycler regular maintenance checks will reduce running costs and optimise the performance of your Thermal Cycler. For more information email us at and we’ll work together to find the best solution for you.

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